How Pinterest is making me a better person

The pictures and recipes sucked me in. The nail polish and weddings made me stay.

Pin Lovin

I’m a diehard recipe saver, so I’m always looking for new things to try, and by that I mean I’m looking for good enough pictures of recipes that I’m willing to give it a shot. I also like clothes but lack direction in that department. Enter Pinterest: a site that combines my love of looking at other people’s ideas with my other love of hoarding ideas and inspiration.

At first it was just fun to be able to pin soup/cookie ideas, but it wasn’t long before I expanded my boards to include crafting, house-spiration, and random shit I would love to buy eventually. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as I look back on my boards and the changes in what I’m pinning these days, I’ve realized that Pinterest has done more than just bookmark that website with the awesome statement necklaces. Pinterest has created a forum for me to develop my sense of style and to clearly define what I like, what I don’t like, and what my goals are.

Trust me as I sit knee deep in job applications, I am well aware that Pinterest may not be directly helping me to achieve my goals, but it is helping me establish myself and my taste. While I’m not necessarily comfortable going up to a stranger and saying, “Hey, I like your shoes. Tell me where they’re from and let me take a picture to remember them,” I am comfortable repinning a picture of badass heels that I can only dream of being able to afford. Ballin on a budget is my motto, but Pinterest gives me a place to create my ideal self, free of any constraints.

I live in a tiny apartment in a college town in Michigan. I make not very much an hour at my retail job, and I’m currently so dependent on my parents that I get nervous thinking about my life in a year, but with Pinterest I can ogle clothes from stores I’ll never see and make plans for a real apartment and dream of vacations in faraway lands. I’m not dreaming beyond my means because I have no means at this point. Everything in my life still lies ahead of me and I use my boards to paint a picture of a a reality that could be mine.

These days I’ve noticed changes in how I put together outfits before work; simple things like wearing a statement necklace (obsessed) or grabbing my watch as I head out the door. I am able to view the world as a more accessible place and have greatly expanded my job search to match this. My Crockpot gets used regularly (yes, I am 22 and I own a Crockpot). Pinterest has given me an infinite number of possibilities and I have seized the opportunity to carefully curate my hopes and dreams.


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