March is for ME


After moving home a month ago, I’ve been trying to balance my three jobs with job applications and taking care of myself, and failing miserably.

While I’ve been killing it at scheduling (40+ hours a week? Mmk sounds like a plan), my workouts have been practically non-existent. I’m a yoga girl when I have the cash flow to support it, but when I can’t I’m all about that elliptical life. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing that sounds worse than busting out some intervals after spending nine hours playing with toddlers.

On top of that, my job application numbers are measly and definitely aren’t getting me anywhere. I read a scary book at the library last week about the job search process and it told me that even if I commit 40 hours a week to simply filling out apps and following up, I can still expect to not have a job for at least three months. THREE MONTHS?!?! What is life.

So starting today, March 3, I declare March to be a month all about me. I want to reestablish myself as my top priority and do the things that make me happy, productive, and healthy. A lot of these things came to while I was laying in savasana before class and they include gems such as:

  • Health
    I’m back at my favorite yoga studio and I’ve got classes written in my planner so I’ll be sure to feel bad if I try to skip. During class today I realized that yoga gives me a workout, as well as a mental and spiritual lift. As long as I can afford it, I’m going to work at opening my hips and clearing my mind.
  • Jobs
    This clearly needs to be a bigger priority for me. As much as I love selling clothes and booking appointments and playing with kids, I need to keep working towards my dreams of having a career and an office. I’ve been doing a great job finding cool jobs to apply for, I just lack the follow through. This month I’ll be scheduling blocks of time to dedicate to writing cover letters (my favorite!) and seeking out opportunities. In addition, I’ll be evaluating whether or not working this much is really worth it. Having money coming in is a necessity, but so is reaching my career goals and something might have to go.
  • Free Time
    Being busy is cool, but so is having time to do laundry and hang out at Target for two or three hours. With my current schedule, my down time is split between working out or jobs, with little to none left for me to do things that I genuinely like to do. I want to work on establishing a schedule that allows me to get all of my work done but still allows me to have fun like a regular person.

With these goals in mind, I’m making March about me. I’ll be checking in with myself weekly to make sure I’m on track and see how I’m holding up.


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