March is for Me: Week One (and a half)


Cover letters submitted: 2

Interviews scheduled (!!!): 1

Yoga classes attended: 6

Hours worked: 90sh

Episodes of House of Cards watched: 11

My lack of updating speaks for itself. I failed this week. I picked up extra shifts, slept in instead of working out, and didn’t try hard enough to keep my life together. It all seemed to get off to a great start, with a few days of yoga in a row and a few nights of job hunting. But by Thursday, all I wanted to do when I got home was crawl into bed until I had to do it all over again the next day. While I’d like to stay optimistic and hope I’ll be able to find more balance next week, I’m honestly not sure that it’s possible without using a time turner (Hermione: let me know if I can borrow yours) or removing a commitment.

Although I didn’t attend as many yoga classes as I wanted, I’ve already noticed a difference. I can’t clear my mind completely in class, but the tone of my random thoughts has changed in a good way. I’m not as worried about chores I should be doing or panicking about random little things I might have messed up. Instead I find myself either thinking about things I’m looking forward to or just feeling happy. On top of that I’ve been feeling quite bendy and my chaturanga is looking good.

Wrapping up week one:

  • More yoga
  • Less working
  • More job applications
  • Less television
  • More sleeping
  • Less shopping

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